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  • Ionut Sebastian Rosu

    Hi there.

    I want to say that the theme is great, nothing to say about it. But I have an issue and I have no idea how to sort it out... If some one is trying to reset the password the link for resetting the password is not going to the user email, and I don't know how to check the settings or what to do about it. thanks and regards

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  • Ejahid14

    Have you checked on spam folder ? 

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  • Ionut Sebastian Rosu

    I have checked ...are not going there.

    But I sort it out....the solution is to set up  WP SMTP plug in , and after are no issues.

    Thanks for reply anyway  ;)

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  • nacer boukessessa

    Hi , the theme is good , i just have a little problem and it's about an after successeful registration the user  will not be redirected to his profile page he need to login and then get redirected to his profile page , is there any solution for the users to get redirect to the profile page immediatly after his successeful register .


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