How to use WooCommerce Payment Gateways




  • S0527155401

    I don't have that option.
    Is this extension still active?

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  • naseeb

    update your theme and plugins then you will get this option

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  • S0527155401

    Everything is up to date.

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  • S0527155401

    Houzez 2.0.9

    Houzez Theme - Functionality 2.0.6

    Favethemes Insights 1.0.1

    Houzez CRM 1.0.5

    Houzez Login Register 2.0.5 

    Houzez WooCommerce Addon 1.0.0

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  • Ken Lyle

    You know, there are SO many personalization tools available for WooCommerce products. I am trying to figure whether your Properties are customizing and extending Woo Products or are their own Custom Post Type, or something else?

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  • tungstalker

    Hi, the plugin is not working on the newest houzez (2.2.1 i think so).

    It return with admin-ajax.php error code 400 when I tried to upgrate listing to feature listing at frontend (Logged as customer)

    I think you guy could check & update the plugin.

    Thank you


    ////NVM. You guy need to update all plugin come with Houzez, Not the theme only.

    Good luck

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