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  • Anderw

    How does one use this custom link field. I have put links in it in multiple different ways and there doesn't seem to be a way to do so. This field seems to have no value. Please expand on what that "custom link" field means. 

    Custom Link: optionally you can add a custom page link for the package

    I have entered /custom-link &  &

    None of them work as there is always a 404 page. 

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  • Info

    Further comment - if anyone wants to assign a package manually to user, be careful of the FAQ that Houzez link to

    This shows an example of creating the package manually by copying the Package Name to the Package Activation field in the user settings.

    This is not correct - it should be an activation date, something like "2024-01-27 10:00:00"
    If you enter the package name, you get an email saying "All your listings are no longer visible for our visitors but remain in your account." 

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