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  • Nerea


    We are trying to register a new user on the web to be able to activate the FAVORITES button of the properties. We have followed these steps:

    1) Activate user registration in the header.

    2) Create the user menu

    3) Create the CRM page

    Our user appears by default and we see the result of the tests of the contact forms sent in the CRM Dashboard created. But we want to register a new user and when we try to register a message appears saying "User registration is disabled for demo purpose." How can we enable new user registrations?

    Thank you

    Nerea Diaz

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  • Mike F

    Hello Nerea,

    Here is the solution, i was looking for the same thing


    By default, user registration is disabled in WordPress. If you want to enable user registration in WordPress, go to Settings > General and check the option that says, Anyone can register.

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