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  • Nerea

    Maybe is any information that I can't get to find.. but the thing is that I´ve setting all in the Options Panel about Search system. Also I've a Dock Search on the Properties Page setted, and finally I've created the Result Page, bur I don't known how to connect both. When I look for any result in the Dock Serch this send to me to the Home page not to the Result Page. 

    Thank you


    Nerea Díaz

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  • William Paschoal Monein Alban

    I have the exactly same issue. I tried to remove and re-create the Search Page, but is still sending me to the homepage.

    The suport page ( tells me to create a page with an atribute that does not exist, template "Advanced Search Results".

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  • Sakir Ahamed

    I chose this theme, and I want to buy this theme, But need to know, if I want to add on title by the property City or something else dynamically in the property search-results page, how I can do it by child theme?

    Please answer me,

    Thanks ...

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