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  • Nerea


    Can I add custom funtions at the Property Layout Manager someway?

    The thing is that my client wants to have at the end of the single page property, the Social Icons and the Contact Form..

    Thank you very much, in advanced.


    Nerea Díaz

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  • Ronald Hull


    Can I add some custom section in the Property Detail page?

    Like I need an custom hero section with search bar in the Property Detail page. Please help me someway achieving that.

    Thank you very much in advance.



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  • Anderw

    Where can we edit Sub listings information?


    I cannot find it anywhere, you can either turn it on or off but cannot customize what fields are in this section? This is ultimately useless if it cannot be customized at all. No documentation on this either. 

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  • ravishankar

    How to set Near By Property (It should display property from only selected city with Near by or close to each other location wise)

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