Property Country, States, City, and Area






    • real estate includes country, state, city, and area I also need to add the name project, how to do it?

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  • Phanakhone Phommaseng

    How to reorder or reverse city string?
    Example: City, Sub-city to Sub-city, City

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  • Luis Ferreira


    How can we add one more varition in the Property Country, States, City, and Area?

    In Portugal we need something like this...

    Portugal (País/Country), Setúbal (Distrito/"State"), Almada (Concelho), Almada (Cidade/City), Freguesia de Cacilhas (Freguesia/"Area").

    How can we do this?

    Thank you.

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  • Sami Alfattany

    I have a big list of cities and areas in Excel sheet

    is there anyway we can import them at once instead of manually insertion ?

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